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Interactive Floor Plans

What is a Interactive Floor Plan?

A Interactive Floor Plan is a floor plan with interactive picture icons that correspond with each photo taken at the listed home. Information included with a Look2 Interactive Floor Plan is realtor/broker information, square footage and many options to share your listing such as email, printable fliers and much more.

Can I use the Interactive Floor Plan link? If so where can I use it?

You will receive an email with your listing's individual Interactive Floor Plan link. Once you have received this link it is your to use on any website and as many times as you need to use it. There are no hidden fees, you have purchased this link for your marketing.

Will Look2 Home Marketing post Interactive Floor Plan links for me?

We can post the Interactive Floor Plan link to Realtor.com for free if you have showcase listings and for an extra fee if you do not. We also syndicate these links to a number of different web sites at no additional charge.

How do I post a link on a website?

If you have access to the back-end of your website or your brokerage website, all you need to do is copy the link that has been emailed to you and paste it in the correct location on your listing revision page. If you have an MLS feed, depending on your provide, it may be updated automatically as part of your feed once you enter the link into your local MLS.

What is the difference between a branded and an unbranded IFP?

You will receive a link for a branded Interactive Floor Plan and one for an unbranded Interactive Floor Plan. The branded link contains agent and brokerage information and the unbranded link contains only the Interactive Floor Plan. The unbranded link is needed for use on websites where no agent or brokerage information is permitted, such as many MLS websites.

What if my contact information changes?

If you are registered with Look2Homes.com, log in and select the profile link. There you will be able to update all of your information. Once you have made your necessary changes all of your Look2 Interactive Floor Plans will display your changes.

How do I fix any errors that might have happened?

Once an order is submitted, it cannot be changed by registered users. To make a change to an order, please contact your Look2 Home Marketing dealer and we will edit the order for you.

How many photos will you take?

Our dealers are not limited to how many pictures they can take onsite. We prefer to overshoot and have a selection of photos to choose from. The dealer will select the best photos of each room up to 30 for standard pictures and 20 for TruView photography and our processors will integrate them into the Interactive Floor Plan.

What is your turnaround time?

Look2 Home Marketing will publish the Interactive Floor Plan within 2 business days after receiving the floor plan files and photo files from local dealer.

Real Estate Photography

Will choosing TruView Photography change the "turnaround" of my order?

In most cases no, but occasionally it may increase the turnaround by a day or two.

Do I own the photos?

No, Look2 Home Marketing and it's dealers retain copyright ownership. Please review the terms page for more details.

Walk-Through Video

How do I write narration text for a video?

Videos can be processed with or without narration. If you choose to include narration, please use the following format: Maximum 150 words, Separate the text into points, up to 7 points (each point can be one or more sentences), Start with an introduction and end with a conclusion

When will I be charged for my order?

You are charged for this order when the Interactive Floor Plan is published if one was ordered otherwise when you receive the video.

How long does it take to produce a video?

It generally takes 3 to 5 business days from the day of shooting.